How to Get Up that Hill!!!!

I guess I was naive when I first started trail running a year ago.  Sure I knew that there would be a roller or two on the trails that I’d be running.  And, yes, there are trails that have a roller or two.  But, mostly there are trails that have hills.  And I mean lots of hills!  Perhaps the challenge of the hills is one reason I love trail running.

Hills aren’t a bad thing.  They make you stronger, they challenge you and they can even give you the sense of accomplishment.  However, they can also defeat you at times.  By doing hill repeats, I hope to eliminate being defeated.

It’s time for me to start adding some hill repeat workouts into my schedule.  I plan on doing them every Monday.  However, I will still follow the intent of my training plan.  On an easy week, I will complete an easy hill repeat workout and on a hard week, the workout will be hard!

When I’m doing hill repeats, I think of a few things to help me get up the hill:

1.  Keep my body upright

2.  Look straight ahead or a bit up the hill, not down at the ground

3.  Pump my arms

4.  Shorten my stride

5.  Hills are my friends!

I also have to remind myself that it’s ok to walk up a long or steep hill.  Sometimes it’s better to conserve the energy for other parts of the run.  In fact, there are times when you may be able to power walk up a steep hill faster than running up it.  If this is the case, I use the time on the hill to my advantage.  I drink or I eat as I climb.

Do you do hill repeats?

What tips help you?


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