Carbing up Chipotle Style

I am always looking for an easy, nutritious meal.  I like meals that offer healthy carbs and protein.  A few months back I decided that we could replicate Chipotle’s rice bowls at home.  How easy would that be?

I found a delicious recipe for homemade refried beans on one of my favorite food blogs, 100 days of real food.

I have made these beans a dozen times and they turn out super yummy every time.  Plus, using the crock pot means most my work is done by the time dinner prep comes along.


As soon as the beans are done, you can mash them to the consistency of your choice.


I then cook some organic brown rice.


Add the toppings and you are done!  Super easy for a weekday dinner.

Don’t forget the tomatoes and avacado!

If we want more protein, I’ve added shrimp and chicken to our toppings.



4 thoughts on “Carbing up Chipotle Style

  1. you need Yumm sauce.  You don’t have that in Cali, do you?  I should send you some.  De-lish!  Maybe some black beans too!

    • Yumm sauce? I’ve never heard of that. I’ll have to look it up. I’d like to try making black beans in the crock pot. I haven’t done that. Let me know if you beat me to it.

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