Although quinoa has been around for a long time, it’s only been recently that I started eating it. How come I didn’t start years ago?!  It’s a great staple, mild and nutritious.  And, it offers some protein which I can always use.

Here are two of my favorites recipes:

I reduced the amount of quinoa so that there are more “goodies” per bowl.  I’ve also added a scrambled egg to get more protein to the dish.


This is a great recipe!  The sweet and fruity taste of this dish makes it a perfect side dish.


Did you know Costco sells organic quinoa which makes the price very reasonable?

What’s your favorite quinoa dish?

2 thoughts on “Quinoa

  1. I’m new to eating quinoa as well and I love it! I had a salad the other day from this organic-foods cafe by my house and it was loaded with kale, quinoa, seaweed, yam, onions and I can’t remember what else. It was amazing! It’s easy to cook at home as well, thanks for the tip about Costco 🙂

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