Costco wins again!

Just a quick little post……

In my quest to adding more protein to my diet, I have found a few items at Costco that I wanted to share with you.

Last week, I shared that Costco carries organic quinoa.

This week, I’d like to let you know that our local Costco carries both organic Hemp and Chia seeds.  Yea, Costco!


All 3 of these items have added some protein to my diet which will hopefully help my running performance.  Buying them at Costco definitely helps our bank account!

Not sure how much protein to eat?  You can read more about how much protein you need here and here.

Do you know of any other tricks to get more (non-meat) protein?

2 thoughts on “Costco wins again!

    • Absolutely! You did tell me about them. Would you like me to edit the post?
      Before I knew they were at Costco, I bought a bag half the size for the same price……gulp!
      Thanks for the info.
      Btw, our local Costco has begun to organize and put several of the organic items in one area. It makes much more sense.

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