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Update week 16……….

Thank goodness for easy (rest and recovery) weeks!!!

After last week, I was ready for an easy week.  Not only was the total weekly mileage high, but Saturday’s 26 miler was long and hard.  Here is what last week looked like:

2014-03-22 weekly mileage


On Saturday, I ran 26.31 miles and that’s just about all I had in me.  I really don’t know how ultra runners do it!

We started the run at Beal’s Point State Park and continued along the Pioneer Express Trail and Western States Trail past Granite Bay, Beeks Bight, Sterling Pointe, Horseshoe Bar and just about to Rattlesnake Bar before we turned around.  There were several of us at the start, but only a few of us were running the full 26 miles.

After briefly stopping to fill our water packs at Granite Bay, I only saw a few runners the rest of the day.  But, thankfully, I had company out there. I always enjoy my conversations with the people I run with.

The run itself was great.  The trail has wonderful views right along Folsom Lake and the North Fork of the American River.  Now that all the plants are green and lush, it makes the views even prettier.  Unfortunately, there was so much poison oak.  It’s a miracle I didn’t have a breakout.

2014-03-22 26 miler map

 Saturday’s Run

By the end of Saturday’s run, the bottom of my feet felt bruised.  Perhaps the problem comes from the shoes I’m using.  I’m wearing road shoes because I’ve never owned anything but road shoes.  I’ve been fine up until the last two long runs.  I’m starting to think I may need to try some trail shoes.  I probably still have time to get a pair and break them in before the race.  On the other hand, I only have 1 long run left before the race.  Maybe I could just get through the training and race with the shoes I have.  Oh, decisions!!!

The reason that I decided to run 26.31 instead of 26 miles is because my kids told me to.  The idea was born when we were discussing my upcoming run one evening last week. My daughter challenged me, “You should run 26.2 miles and make it a full marathon.”  Then my son added, “Actually, you should run 26.3 and make it an ultra.”  Well, we have discussed that by definition, 26.3 is an ultra, but it’s really not by intention.  I will not claim to have run an ultra until I finish my 50k!  However, on Saturday, I ran the extra .31 for my kids.

This past week, I’ve been struggling with a sore spot on my ankle and the bottom of my left foot.  I’ve been icing and rolling my foot on a ball.  I keep hoping the pain will just magically disappear.  After all, how does one heal a foot when it is used so much?!

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my easy week (32 miles + 1 ride).

5 weeks, 1 long run, and lots of fun runs left until race day!!!  But, who’s counting?!



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One of My Favorite Quotes

It seems only right to share one of my favorite quotes this week as not only am I peaking, but I am going to run more miles this week than I have ever run before.

favorite quote by tseliot

I’m in week 15 of my 20 week plan.  I have 6 weeks until race day!!!  I’m getting really excited to complete this personal challenge.

Here is this week’s workouts:

Monday – 10 miles

Tuesday – ride 45 mins.

Wednesday – 12 miles

Thursday – 4 miles

Friday – off

Saturday – 26 miles

Sunday – off

What is your favorite quote?

Are you currently training for anything?

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Exploring a New Trail


During the last few months, I haven’t had the chance to go out exploring any new trails.  It seems that each time I’ve gone for a run I’ve been on a mission; each run has had a purpose with a required mileage.

Today, I met up with a few friends for a run. One of them led us on a trail that I had never run before.  It was just what I needed. I really enjoy learning new trails, especially when they are local ones. I’ve seen parts of this trail from my car several times, but never knew where it started or where it actually went.

The other 2 friends turned around earlier than we wanted to, so Beth and I continued on.  We ran a little less than 4 miles before we ran out of trail and headed back.


Along this trail there is a hill that I have seen from my car.  I thought it might be good for hill repeats.  It turns out to be way too steep!  To the right of that hill there is another possibility.  I’ll have to give it a try the next time I’m out there.

2014-03-14 trail run

2014-03-13 Trail run (from Promontory Park) elevation

You can see from the elevation chart that there are some good rollers.  The was a hill right at the start of the trail and then one other that were good climbs.  Other than that, it was a nice trail.  It is exposed, so I wouldn’t want to run it on a hot summer day.

2014-03-13 Trail run (from Promontory Park) map

Here is a map of where the trail is, just in case you’d like to go out exploring.

Once we were back, Beth showed me another trail.  This time we ran up Beatty Dr. a short distance and turned left onto a trail.  This beginning of this trail was tree covered.  It took us to the top of a ridge.  Along the way, we passed a flock of wild turkeys.  I never get tired of  seeing the male turkeys fan their feathers trying to win over the female turkeys.

Once we got to the top, the trail continued behind some homes and down through an undeveloped area.  We ran to the end of the trail (El Dorado Hills Blvd.) and turned around.  By the time we got back to our cars, we had completed 10 miles.

I appreciate it when someone takes the time to show me a new trail.  Thank you, Beth!  I feel so fortunate that there are several local trails in El Dorado Hills.  I could easily spend the day out on the trails!

Do you prefer exploring or do you run the same trails over and over?

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Update week 13…….

Things are going well for the most part.  My mileage is increasing and can become a bit intimidating at times.  I’m in the middle of a hard week and by the end of the week I will have completed a weekly mileage that I’ve never run before.  Granted it’s just 2 miles longer than my highest mileage week ever.  Last time (2.5 years ago) I had a weekly mileage this high, I ended up with an overused and unhappy IT Band.  This time around, I’m not having any “issues.”

Here’s a look at the last few weeks.

Week 11’s mileage looked like this:

2014 week 11 mileage

By the end of the hard weeks, I am more than ready for a little break.  I’m physically tired, but mentally strong.  I still crave to run (that’s a good thing!).

Week 12’s mileage dropped down to 28 miles of running and allowed my body to rest.  I had one of the worst runs I’ve ever gone on during this week.  I knew that I was tired and I took the next day off to recover.

I’m in the middle of week 13.  I felt recovered and ready for another hard week.  This week’s mileage is back up to 48 miles.

At this point, I have a little more than 7 weeks until race day.  To keep me motivated, I start to dissect the plan.  I look at it in ways that make me feel like the next few weeks are completely doable instead of difficult, even though I know they’ll be tough.  I’ll be peaking in just a few weeks.

For example:

  • I only have 4.5 more weeks of hard training then I’ll taper.
  • Out of those 4.5 weeks, only 2.5 are truly hard weeks.
  • I only have 3 long runs left.

Taking a look at the training plan and keeping things positive and simple will help me stay calm, focused and not feel overwhelmed.

How do you handle hard weeks?

What’s your highest mileage week?