Update week 13…….

Things are going well for the most part.  My mileage is increasing and can become a bit intimidating at times.  I’m in the middle of a hard week and by the end of the week I will have completed a weekly mileage that I’ve never run before.  Granted it’s just 2 miles longer than my highest mileage week ever.  Last time (2.5 years ago) I had a weekly mileage this high, I ended up with an overused and unhappy IT Band.  This time around, I’m not having any “issues.”

Here’s a look at the last few weeks.

Week 11’s mileage looked like this:

2014 week 11 mileage

By the end of the hard weeks, I am more than ready for a little break.  I’m physically tired, but mentally strong.  I still crave to run (that’s a good thing!).

Week 12’s mileage dropped down to 28 miles of running and allowed my body to rest.  I had one of the worst runs I’ve ever gone on during this week.  I knew that I was tired and I took the next day off to recover.

I’m in the middle of week 13.  I felt recovered and ready for another hard week.  This week’s mileage is back up to 48 miles.

At this point, I have a little more than 7 weeks until race day.  To keep me motivated, I start to dissect the plan.  I look at it in ways that make me feel like the next few weeks are completely doable instead of difficult, even though I know they’ll be tough.  I’ll be peaking in just a few weeks.

For example:

  • I only have 4.5 more weeks of hard training then I’ll taper.
  • Out of those 4.5 weeks, only 2.5 are truly hard weeks.
  • I only have 3 long runs left.

Taking a look at the training plan and keeping things positive and simple will help me stay calm, focused and not feel overwhelmed.

How do you handle hard weeks?

What’s your highest mileage week?


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