One of My Favorite Quotes

It seems only right to share one of my favorite quotes this week as not only am I peaking, but I am going to run more miles this week than I have ever run before.

favorite quote by tseliot

I’m in week 15 of my 20 week plan.  I have 6 weeks until race day!!!  I’m getting really excited to complete this personal challenge.

Here is this week’s workouts:

Monday – 10 miles

Tuesday – ride 45 mins.

Wednesday – 12 miles

Thursday – 4 miles

Friday – off

Saturday – 26 miles

Sunday – off

What is your favorite quote?

Are you currently training for anything?


5 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Quotes

  1. Hi What key hole are you peaking through ???? L.O.L will you have to run faster???


  2. “But the longer and farther I ran, the more I realized that what I was often chasing was a state of mind – a place where worries that seemed monumental melted away, where the beauty and timelessness of the universe, of the present moment, came into sharp focus”- Scott Jurek.

    Enjoy the peak! 🙂

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