Update week 16……….

Thank goodness for easy (rest and recovery) weeks!!!

After last week, I was ready for an easy week.  Not only was the total weekly mileage high, but Saturday’s 26 miler was long and hard.  Here is what last week looked like:

2014-03-22 weekly mileage


On Saturday, I ran 26.31 miles and that’s just about all I had in me.  I really don’t know how ultra runners do it!

We started the run at Beal’s Point State Park and continued along the Pioneer Express Trail and Western States Trail past Granite Bay, Beeks Bight, Sterling Pointe, Horseshoe Bar and just about to Rattlesnake Bar before we turned around.  There were several of us at the start, but only a few of us were running the full 26 miles.

After briefly stopping to fill our water packs at Granite Bay, I only saw a few runners the rest of the day.  But, thankfully, I had company out there. I always enjoy my conversations with the people I run with.

The run itself was great.  The trail has wonderful views right along Folsom Lake and the North Fork of the American River.  Now that all the plants are green and lush, it makes the views even prettier.  Unfortunately, there was so much poison oak.  It’s a miracle I didn’t have a breakout.

2014-03-22 26 miler map

 Saturday’s Run

By the end of Saturday’s run, the bottom of my feet felt bruised.  Perhaps the problem comes from the shoes I’m using.  I’m wearing road shoes because I’ve never owned anything but road shoes.  I’ve been fine up until the last two long runs.  I’m starting to think I may need to try some trail shoes.  I probably still have time to get a pair and break them in before the race.  On the other hand, I only have 1 long run left before the race.  Maybe I could just get through the training and race with the shoes I have.  Oh, decisions!!!

The reason that I decided to run 26.31 instead of 26 miles is because my kids told me to.  The idea was born when we were discussing my upcoming run one evening last week. My daughter challenged me, “You should run 26.2 miles and make it a full marathon.”  Then my son added, “Actually, you should run 26.3 and make it an ultra.”  Well, we have discussed that by definition, 26.3 is an ultra, but it’s really not by intention.  I will not claim to have run an ultra until I finish my 50k!  However, on Saturday, I ran the extra .31 for my kids.

This past week, I’ve been struggling with a sore spot on my ankle and the bottom of my left foot.  I’ve been icing and rolling my foot on a ball.  I keep hoping the pain will just magically disappear.  After all, how does one heal a foot when it is used so much?!

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my easy week (32 miles + 1 ride).

5 weeks, 1 long run, and lots of fun runs left until race day!!!  But, who’s counting?!




2 thoughts on “Update week 16……….

  1. Your kids must be so proud of you! It’s amazing when you run long distances how even .2 or .31 miles is a big difference. I’ve only run a bunch of halfs (halves?) and one full marathon but that .1 and .2 feels like an eternity to me! Hope you foot feels better soon 🙂

    • Thanks, Jamie! My kids think I’m a bit crazy, actually. One day they’ll realize how much I enjoy running! My daughter has started to trail run with me. It is the best feeling!!!

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