A Deep Sigh of Relief

At this point, I have just over 2 weeks until race day.  I feel like all the hard work/training has been done and I can let out a deep sigh of relief!  And let me tell you, training for this first 50k has been an eye opener.  Remember, I’m more of a short distance runner training for my first ultra.

First of all, I have a new respect for all the ultra marathoners out there.  I knew the ultra distances were challenging, but I didn’t know exactly how challenging until I got out there and trained for one.  And, mind you, I’m running the shortest ultra, a 50k.

Secondly, the training cycle in itself is tough.  I’ve run 2 -22 milers, 2-24 milers and 2-26 milers in the last 12 weeks.  By just completing the training, I feel like I’ve accomplished tons.  Not only did I run the most I’ve ever run, but I didn’t get injured!  The last two times I’ve trained for a marathon, I ended up with injuries.  So, when I took on this challenge, I wasn’t sure how what would happen.

I’ve never been happier to reach the taper phase of a training cycle.  I have enjoyed all the workouts until the first 26 miler.  It was at this point that my feet started to hurt.  Now that I know it was just my worn out shoes that caused the problem, I’m anxious to give my feet some extra rest.

Lastly, my legs are ready for a little break, too.  They were tired during my last long run making the last few miles difficult.

I have definitely challenged myself with this goal.  I’m gonna relax and enjoy the few runs that I have left.  I’m definitely looking forward to getting out there to run the 50k!


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