When I Can’t Run on the Trails……….

Where is your favorite place to run?  I have grown to love the trails around El Dorado Hills and Folsom.  And, I know that there are many other trails to explore in the Auburn area.  However, when I can’t run on the trails, my second choice is to run near the coast.



This past week we spent a few days in Monterey, CA.  Even though  I am familiar with the main trail in Monterey, I don’t know any actual dirt trails in the area.  Plus, I didn’t have the time to drive to a different location to run.  So, I opted to enjoy a scenic run right from where we were staying.  I started from San Carlos Beach and ran 5 miles out to Asilomar before turning around.  The trail was paved with some crushed granite along the side.  I even had the chance to run on the sand in a few spots.  Since I was running in such a beautiful place, I had to stop and take a few pictures along the way.


There was a lot to see.  Now that it’s spring, there were lots of blooming  flowers.


There were plenty of baby Harbor Seals to watch.


This mama and pup pair caught my eye.  They were so cute!!!  I later took my family to see them.


Having this as a backdrop while I ran was amazing!

2014 Monterey map strava

The 10 miler (5 miles out and back)!

Where is your favorite place to run?

Do you know any dirt trails in the Monterey area?


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