The Plan

It’s no secret that I like plans.  I like to dream about my adventures, find the right plan and then watch it become a reality.  Checking off the workouts or the weeks is just as satisfying.  I follow my plan so that when the event comes around, I am well prepared. At times I will deviate from the plan, but rarely.  I am working on becoming more flexible as I know that there are times when I shouldn’t run and I do anyways.

I have been thinking about the day for a few weeks now.  Actually writing it down will help me fine-tune my plan.  I find that having a plan keeps me calm and helps me have a good race.  Just remember, no matter how much you plan things, you most likely will deal with something that wasn’t in the “plan.”

Here is my race plan for Saturday’s 50k run:

Breakfast – 1 egg, oatmeal with walnuts and honey

Pace – I will start at a 10:30 – 10:45 min/mile pace.  It should be an easy effort.  I can slow down if I find it to be too fast.

Hydration and Fuel

Hydration –  I will carry about 30 oz of water in my pack.  I plan on stopping (at the turn around point to refill my pack and again at the second to last aid station.

Fuel/Nutrition –   After working on my nutrition for several months, experimenting with the number of calories as well as with the type of calories, training my body to tap into my fat reserve to decrease the number of calories I need to eat out on the trail, and visiting Sheila Leard at My Nutrition Zone, I now know that I need 125-130 calories per hour. By knowing how many calories I need, I won’t over eat and I reduce the risk of having any gut issues.

I’ve been training with these foods, so I’ll be using them, nothing new at this point.

I’ll be carrying 750 calories – 6 hours

PB & honey sandwich (cut into quarters)

Each piece is ~110 calories.

Stinger chews – 2 packs

Each pack has 10 chews is 160 calories.  8 chews per hour for me.


  • Hour 1:  ¼ sandwich and 2 chews
  • Hour 2: ¼ sandwich and 2 chews
  • Hour 3: chews
  • Hour 4: ¼ sandwich and 2 chews
  • Hour 5: chews

I also practiced with potato chips.  So, if there are any on the course, I know that I can eat them.

I will put a Larabar in my pack for back up.

I will start to eat 1/2 hour into the race to make sure I don’t fall behind.

I will take 1 salt tablet every hour until the halfway point.  Then, depending on the temperature (if over 70 degrees), I will take 1 every 1/2 hour.

2014 50k aid station chart


To help me stay mentally strong, I’m going to write down the distance between each aid station on my arm so that I can focus on running from aid station to aid station rather than the whole 50 kilometers.  This tactic was suggested by a fellow blogger.


My Goals:

I recently read in Runner’s World that it’s a good idea to set up different a few different goals.  That way you can still feel good about the event, even if it doesn’t go exactly how you’d like it to go.

I know that when I finish, I will feel proud no matter how long it takes me.

On a good day, I will go out slowly and I will cross that finish line.  These are my main goals since this is my first 50k.

On a great day, I will finish in less than 6 hours

On an awesome day, I will finish in 5 hours  35 mins (11 min/mi pace)


Words I will tell myself when it gets tough:

I’m well trained.

I can do this!

I’m going to do this!

I trained hard, so I won’t give up!


Thanks to and Runner’s World for some of their ideas.  If you’d like to see Active’s race plan you can click on the link:


5 thoughts on “The Plan

    • Thanks, Alisyn! I’ll be towards the back of the pack. No need to start off fast. 🙂
      Good luck to you, too. Have fun and remember, it’s not your common 10k. It’s closer to 7 miles. But, you know the course, so you’ll do great!

  1. So happy for you Jen!! Your well prepared and going to rock this race. Thanks for helping keep me motivated and challenging myself more. Have a great run!!

  2. Woohoo! We can’t wait to hear how it went for you!! It’s been so fun following along — your training has been great and I bet you crushed it! Can’t wait to hear more! 🙂

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