“Freak Out” Moments

Does your training go perfectly all the time?

I can’t say that mine does. I think that most of us hit a few bumps along the way. Even though we all deal with these inconveniences, some of us are more vocal about them than others.  These bumps are what I call, “Freak Out,” moments.

Looking back at all the training I did for my recent 50k run, I’m surprised at how smoothly it went. Well, at least up until the last few weeks. I’d say the first 16 out of 20 weeks went very smoothly.

Then, about a month before my event I started having a few “issues.” Of course, I react to these issues, seeing that I have put so much effort into training for this event. I do realize that there usually is another event that could be a substitute. However, I am usually fixated on the chosen event.

Although I may have mentioned some of these issues in person, on my blog, or on my Facebook page, I didn’t mention them in my recap post. I thought it’s only fair that I tell the whole story. Plus, it makes me appreciate how well race day went, considering what could have gone wrong.


  • Freak out moment #1: Due to worn out shoes, my feet felt bruised and as if all the bones had shattered. (ok, a little dramatic, but they hurt!)


  • Freak out moment #2: Again, due to worn out shoes and orthotics, my ankle started hurting and was slightly strained with every subsequential run.


  • Freak out moment#3: After my last long run, my hip became unaligned. I have been dealing with SI Joint issues for around 3.5 years. Thankfully, with a little help from a great physical therapist, Mike at Beretta Physical Therapy, I was able to get back to my running (It’s not as simple as it sounds to keep my hip in place).


  • Freak out moment #4: The Wednesday before the event, I came down with a flu. Are you kidding me?! I can’t have any GI issues now. I kept thinking, “Well, I guess it’s better now than on the trail.”

You never know what issues are going to arise during training. But, I figure nothing is ever going to go perfectly. Even though I freak out, I eventually have to deal with it and move on. And, sometimes, I even look back and laugh.

2 thoughts on ““Freak Out” Moments

    • Yes, I agree. However, illness just isn’t fair in my book. One time I was competing in a 70.3 and wanted to lie down and nap since I was getting over a brutal cold.

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