Next Up……..

I’m now into week 3 of my rest and recovery phase. I started my reverse taper last week and am continuing it this week. Last week’s mileage was really quite low. However, I’ll log 20 miles this week. From there, I will start my next training cycle.

You may be wondering what is next on my agenda. Well, after spending so many weeks building my endurance for my recent 50k, I realized that I miss a few things. I miss my short runs with high intensity. I miss my tempo runs (I have been doing some tempo runs). I miss my hill repeats. What this all points to is that I want to train for shorter distances and build up my speed again. And, I will still be able to run long (although, after running the 50k, I have a new perspective for the phrase -run long) on the weekend.

Even though I loved all my long training runs, I won’t miss being away from the family for half the day. When I train for shorter races, I can get up early and knock out the workout before the kids even wake up. It just seems more doable for me.

For the next few months, my focus will be on the half marathon distance. I found a few of them that I’d like to run. The first one is Run on the Sly and is in August. This race will be fun to run and try to beat my time from last year. Last year I ran the race with just 6-7 months of trail running experience. This year, I have a whole lot more!


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