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Those Darn Hammies!

My 2011 season ended after my 5k trail race on 1/1/2012.  It was time for a short break and then to do some strength training.

The first couple of times I did the exercises I felt great.  But, then I did a particular exercise and felt something immediately after.  The pain continued and it was uncomfortable to walk.  I was pretty sure I had pulled my hamstring.  Since it was a familiar pain, I’m thinking  that I originally injured my hamstring back in 2010 and just didn’t realize it.  It would have had time to heal when I was working on healing and strengthening my hip (SIJ).

I went to the doctors to ask for a referral and I was soon off to physical therapy, once again.  I spent February, March and early April trying to heal and strengthen my hamstring and ramp up my training.  It’s mind boggling to me that even after all of the exercises and stretching that I do, my hamstrings still remain tight.  This is probably one area that I will have to continuously work on, just like my core.

Thanks to Mike Beretta at Beretta Physical Therapy and my coach, Jon Klingensmith of Vitality Multisport, I was healed and  ready to race by mid April.  I feel fortunate that both my coach and my physical therapist  know that I want to be out there.  They both came up with plans that got me prepared to race rather quickly.

Let the adventure continue!